Last Retail Woven Bones Minus Touch EP @ Permanent Records

This is from today's Permanent Records (Chicago, ILL.) update:

Speaking of Woven Bones, we've scored the last of The Minus Touch 12" EPs from the label (they might be gone by the time you read this.)

December promises more activity:  The release of ZM004 Reading Rainbow Restless 7" next week and ancitipation for ZM005, Beaters White Hate 7"- due on January 12th, but available for bulk purchases next week.

Members of our mailing list will be able to buy ZM005 with ZM004, and they will be able to purchase ZM004 before it is placed on sale to the general public.  Subscribe by sending a request to our email address on the side of the page.  ZM004 will be available for direct purchase at this website starting next week. Bulk buyers inquire via email.