Line Up For Zoo Music/Art Fag Recordings/Impose 3/16 Austin Show ANNOUNCED

Friday, March 16:
Co-curated by Art Fag Recordings / Zoo Music

Crocodiles (1am)
*Secret Guest* (12:15am)
Bleached (11:30pm)
Colleen Green (10:45pm)
Bleeding Rainbow (10pm)
Cheap Curls (9:15pm)
Sisu (8:30pm) 

  The secret guest is a Zoo Music affiliated Artist- not Dum Dum Girls but exactly who you would expect it to be otherwise.  You can still RSVP for this fabulous, free event at the Longbranch Inn in Austin, Texas on March 16th, 2012 over at IMPOSE MAGAZINE (RSVP)  WE  HOPE YOU CAN JOIN US.