Haunted Hearts Initiation LP Vinyl Details

Cover Art Haunted Hearts Initiation LP

Greetings!  Zoo Music is pleased to announce the release of the debut LP by Haunted Hearts (Brandon Welchez of Crocodiles and Dee Dee Penny of Dum Dum Girls.)  Called, Initiation, this LP will be release on May 27th.  

 Here is the first song from the record, Johnny Jupiter:

 Here is the video for that song:

If you want to pre-order the record on Itunes you can do that here. When you pre-order the record you will get Johnny Jupiter. If you want to pre-order the CD or non-limited edition LP, you can do it here at the Revolver/Midheaven product page. These orders include a digital copy of the record but you DO NOT get Johnny Jupiter track immediately.

If you want to order the limited edition LP, you need to be a member of our mailing list. We will be sending out an email in the next few weeks giving you the exclusive opportunity to buy a clear vinyl edition of the record with the album title and band name embossed on the cover/back of album. Because of the vagaries of the manufacturing process, there will be some records that have red embossed type work BUT DO NOT have clear vinyl. The only way to ensure you get the clear vinyl AND red embossing is to join our mailing list and order from us. Foreign buyers should be prepared for the fact that it costs more than 20 USD to mail an LP out of the United States right now.

 If you can provide a proof of purchase of an Itunes pre-order purchase, we will refund 5 dollars of your purchase price of the limited edition vinyl- that is only if you buy from us, if you buy from Revolver they will not refund you five dollars.