Shops: Guest Room Records, Norman and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Guest Room Records- Flyer from their anniversary show last year

The 411
Guest Room Records

Location 1: 125 East Main Street Norman, Oklahoma 73069 (405)701.5974
Location 2: 3701 N. Western Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118 (405)601.3859
Mon-Sat 11am-9pm, Sun 1-6pm

     You know what's funny about the music industry?  It's like they don't even care about selling music anymore.  Oh sure, they get stoked about an appearance on the Gossip Girls or having a song placed in a Cadillac ad, but when it comes to actual record stores- they couldn't care less.  Isn't that strange?

    At Zoo Music we pretty much only care about record shops.  Not just the ones in Echo Park and Park Slope- but the shops in places like Oklahoma City... like Guest Room Records.  Guest Room has two locations, one in Oklahoma City and the other in Norman Oklahoma.

  Oklahoma City just took the Supersonics from Seattle, so you know it's a city on the rise (even if the team is bad ha ha.)  The University of Oklahoma is located in nearby Norman.  Oklahoma City even has it's own gay newspaper called the "Gayly Oklahoman." How cool is that?

  Guest Room Records has the Reading Rainbow 7" in stock  and I also think they got some of the Art Fag Split 7" w/ Crocodiles, Dum Dum Girls, PENS and Graffiti Island- that's a very hard to find record.  I wonder which store it will be at?

  If you're reading this and would like your shop to on this website, send us an email and we'll make it happen.